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Doily Cocteau Orange L

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Karin Sajo's fine fabric with nice orange and taupe colors is used.
Brand Juliet original doily.

A unique color scheme reminiscent of the 40's mid-century
The three-dimensional lines like ribbon tape are reminiscent of Jean Cocteau.

L size is just the right size to put a large vase.
It is also cute to arrange several small items.

The fabric is COCTEAU from Karin Sajo.
I used high quality silk linen.

The edging blade is also Karin Sajo.
The large fringe with impact
The amber color goes well with the fabric.
It has become an eye-catching doily that is different from others.
The lining is 100% linen, so it has a gentle color and feel.

Care is professional dry cleaning only,
Surface with a protective spray that repels water and oil
Because it is coated, it is resistant to dirt and water.

Under candle stands, potted plants, etc.
Just the right size for under a table lamp.
Entrance, living room, private room, etc.
Please use it wherever you like.

Pack it in a gift box (sold separately) for a wonderful present.
Perfect as a return gift or as a gift.
[Owner's Eye] More cute with a doily♪
[Owner's eye] A new original doily is now available.
Blanc de Juillet
Overall W40cm H32.5cm
inner circle W28cm H21cm

blade width 6cm
73% linen, 27% silk
Lining 100% linen
100% viscose blade
Professional dry cleaning only
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*There may be a difference of a few centimeters in size due to sewing. Thank you for your understanding.
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