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Astier de Villatte Ma Vie a Paris no1 English

¥8,800 JPY

The Japanese version of the popular Astier-style Paris guide has debuted.
This is a book filled with Astier's aesthetic sense of printing style, paper, and ink.
Astier de Villatte designers Benoit and Ivan
A guide book that summarizes their beloved Paris in one volume.
Made with letterpress printing.
In order to line up the type stamps by hand one by one,
It takes a lot of time and effort.
A technique that has been central to printing for five centuries.

Creating Japanese printed matter with far more character types than the alphabet,
More effort and expense is required.
It was realized by Astier's philosophy of valuing tradition and handmade.

The binding of the guide is as beautiful as an old novel book,
One letter of letterpress printing, monochrome photographs,
Everywhere is mesmerizing.
The top, bottom, and front edge are gold-painted on three sides, giving it a luxurious feel.
A book printed with traditional letterpress printing
It has a very deep beauty that digital printing does not have.
The finish with an analog feeling that is slightly blurred is still special.

I'm curious, but
Their well-connected restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques and museums
A lot of discerning addresses are clogged up.

Because it is a content that can be enjoyed as a reading,
Think of Paris with a French dictionary in hand and spend an elegant time.

Also part of the interior. It is a book that becomes a picture just by placing it.
Continuing to create works that fascinate people around the world
The commitment of the two people is interesting, and it is a book with high value as a book.

Astier de Villatte
W18cm D13.4cm H3.1cm
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