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Astier de Villatte Cube Egg Cup

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With Carol Boral, designer and antique dealer
Collaboration series, Carol's Pitcher.

A design that was used in European monasteries.
To the vessels that have been loved in France for a long time
A collection made with respect.

It reminds me of the milk jug depicted in old paintings.
A round and unadorned design that makes you feel nostalgic.
With a generous form with a wide mouth,
It seems to calm the atmosphere of the place.

It has a deep taste unique to handmade.
In addition, the white of Astier, which has an exquisite degree of glaze,
Enjoy the beauty of shadows like a work of art.

The capacity is plenty of 2 liters and the handle is stable,
About half is stable for carrying around.
The gently contoured spout, which looks like it was lightly twisted by hand, is also charming.

Astier is attractive for its delicate beauty like a work of art,
Baked at a high temperature so that it can be used daily,
You can use it firmly because it is made with increased strength.

You can also use it as a vase.
The jug has a mouth and a handle, so even simple flowers look cute.
The shade when it catches the light is also beautiful.
Even if you just decorate it as an object
It becomes the point of coordinates.

Not limited to French interior, Scandinavian style and It goes well with natural modern interiors,
For sophisticated coordination.
A tranquil space with a sophisticated and beautiful appearance like a good old antique,
For store displays with high sensitivity, such as warm country style.

Astier de Villatte
W21.5cm D16cm H18.2cm
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