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Astier de Villatte Aurelie Saucer

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The decorative O'Leary series with beautiful knitting patterns,
With Parisian artist Aurelie Mathigot

The softness of hand-knitted yarn, "at grandma's house"
There is an aesthetic of Astier that cuts out the nostalgic everyday life.

Knitted pattern called crochet
A very tasteful texture with a molded design,
It gives the pottery, which should be hard, a soft look.

The pattern that swirls around the entire surface of the plate from the center,
The repeating pattern of knitting is like a geometric pattern.
The fine pattern with a hand-knitted feel gives a feminine impression.

One of the characteristics of Astier is its thinness.
It can be conveniently stored without being bulky even when stacked.
Delicate beauty like a work of art is attractive,
It is baked at a high temperature to increase its strength so that it can be used on a daily basis.
It is also dishwasher safe.

You can see the marks like dots on the back side,
It is attached to float the bottom when painting.
Please rest assured that it is a proof that it is made by hand, and it is not a scratch.
Also, what is the different size olely soup plate MM?
You can enjoy the difference in knit patterns.

A small bowl-sized soup plate with a little depth
For salads, garnishes and dishes with sauces.
You can also put fruit in it or use it as an accessory case. You can use it for many purposes.

The Aurelie series has a pattern on the front like this one,
There are types such as those with stitches only for the edging.
Because it has a very strong presence, you can use it as a single item,
When combined with other series, it will be an accent for coordination.

In addition, O'Leary, who feels particularly warm among Astier
It is especially compatible with organic designs such as Setsuko Fleur.

Astier de Villatte
W13.5cm D13.5cm H3.7cm
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