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Astier de Villatte Villa Medicis Jardin & Statues Plate

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A majestic complex building centered on a villa in Rome,
Born inspired by "VILLA MEDICI"
A small plate from the new collection "Villa Medicis" series.
Jardin & Statues means gardens and sculptures.

Built in the 16th century, it held the power of the Medici family
Villa Medici was also a presence throughout Italy.
The exterior of the building is decorated with ancient Roman-style low-reliefs and statues.
It is said that the Villa Medici was virtually like an open-air museum.

A full plate of beautiful ancient Roman statues from this garden.
Speaking of the garden sculptures of Villa Medici, the story of the Greek myth Niobe is famous.
Were you able to capture a part of the scene?

In the 1960s, the painter Balthus
Arranged in the garden with ancient Roman sculptures.
Sculptures of the ancient Roman era were made as a figure close to God
It is very beautiful because it is deeply influenced by Greek art.

This is a small φ13.5cm, perfect size for cookies and small sweets.
It is fashionable even as a saucer.
There is also a plate from the same series that can be used together.

One of the characteristics of Astier is its thinness.
It can be conveniently stored without being bulky even when stacked.

Because it is a plate full of artistry, even if you decorate it
Even if you use it for meals, it creates a high-quality space.
The monotone contrast is also beautiful, and it is also wonderful to use as a decorative plate.

Astier de Villatte
W13.5cm D13.5cm H1.5cm
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