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Astier de Villatte Jonderian Jasmine Weiss

¥142,230 JPY

With popular New York artist John Derian
Collaborate series.

John Derian is a plate using decoupage
Produced in New York and also at Brand Juliet
A very popular creator.

In a pot of vertical simple & classic form,
A bright red parrot is a beautiful dish.
Based on an antique ornithological encyclopedia
I am printing an illustration.

Irresistible for coffee lovers,
A coffee pot that is vertically long and does not let the aroma escape.
It's a rare item.

There is a stopper so that the lid does not fall,
The part that connects to the inner spout has a small hole.
The spout that draws a beautiful curve is perfect for pouring carefully little by little.
The handle is easy to grip and designed for ease of use.

The back view is simple with no illustrations.
Beautiful and somewhat retro form shines on the table.
It becomes a picture just by placing it.

The plump lid knob is also a lovely point.
A cute parrot with round eyes and a gentle expression
The appearance of perching on a tree branch is very peaceful,
It looks like it's going to be a good companion to spend coffee time together.

You can also use it as a teapot by putting tea bags in it.
It is the item which I want to display on a table anytime.

Astier de Villatte
W21.5cm D9.7cm H17cm
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