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Astier de Villatte Lien bottle base

¥25,850 JPY

Liane means "nothing" in French.
It is a teapot with a cute rounded shape and excellent practicality.

When the capacity is full, it will hold 850ml. The perfect size for tea time with 2-3 people. Please use it for tea parties with a small number of people.

The elongated spout like a teapot is an accent. It is perfect for drawing a beautiful curve and pouring carefully little by little.
There is a small hole in the part that connects to the spout. The handle is easy to grip, the design is easy to use, and the simple design is easy to match with any cup.
It becomes a picture just by placing it.
There is a small stopper inside to prevent the lid from falling off.

One of the characteristics of Astier is its thinness. It has a delicate beauty like a work of art, but it is baked at a high temperature to increase its strength so that it can be used on a daily basis, and it is also dishwasher safe.

Astier's white, which has an exquisite degree of glaze, will delight you with the beauty of shadows like a work of art. All handmade by craftsmen using the old-fashioned French manufacturing method, so the distortion unique to handmade has a deep taste.

The back side has the "Astier" brand logo.
It is a style that is easy to match with any design, but if you combine it with the Lien Low Cup of the same series, the simple silhouette and the shape of the same handle will fit nicely.

A cute lian teapot with a warm roundness.
It blends in with various designs and makes your table coordination special.
Astier de Villatte
W21.5cm D14cm H13.5cm
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