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Tablecloth・Cotton Visage・Blanc・136x136cm【Water Repellent】

¥15,300 JPY
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Made using high-quality fabric from the long-established French brand mfta
Brand Juliet original tablecloth.

We have 3 sizes available
Please choose according to your table.
As the size changes depending on the desired atmosphere,
Please refer to the last image.
You can make it in any size you like.
Please feel free to contact us.

The playful and artistic design is fresh.
Impressive facial motif
It is said that it has been loved as a talisman to ward off evil since ancient times.

Great for everyday use as well as for hospitality.
The unique design is a conversation starter♪
Don't dare to keep it simple, but layer patterns and colors
Please enjoy fashionable coordination.

100% high quality cotton fabric is used.
Water-repellent treatment is applied while maintaining the texture of cotton.
It is very convenient to wipe off.

The face is a black line based on a refreshing blanc (white).
The edge is also tightened with a thin black trimming.
This woolly processing is a unique technology.
We work closely with the manufacturing workshop to create a beautiful finish.

The brand Juliet tag is also an accent.
Comes with carefully selected cute charms.
It's random, so you can enjoy it until it arrives ♪

Great compatibility with tableware from Astier de Villatte and Non Sans Raison◎
Tired of classic tableware and Japanese tableware
Reborn as a retro modern table.

A tea mat with the same design is also available.
Please choose according to your preference and purpose.

tablecloth/table coordination
Blanc de Juillet