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[30% OFF] OPJET PARIS Bass Sauce

¥5,880 JPY

Vase with attractive art-like beauty.
Although it is simple like OPJET PARIS
A refined silhouette gives off presence.

Because it is heavy and big size
Perfect for when you want to decorate heavy or tall plants.
If you use it as an object
You can enjoy the attractive design to the maximum.

Around TVs and empty spaces on shelves that tend to get lonely
You can also add items to enjoy the shape ◎

The color is a calm grayish green.
Earth colors are
As well as North Europe and a French style
It goes well with any style.

There are three round cushions on the back, so
You can rest assured when placing it on your favorite furniture.

When displayed in combination with the vase of the same series
A stylish display is completed easily.

Just add it to your room
He/she leads to refined Paris-style.

vase/vase/natural/flower base/base

Mouth inner diameter 6cm
about 1.8kg
Usually ships in 1-3 business days
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