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PO!PARIS bed head tapestry 160 Natalie Lethe bird

¥151,000 JPY
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PO! PARIS bed head with colorful birds.
It's a great item to brighten up your bedroom.

On a gentle pink fabric with a rustic texture
A cute design with three-dimensional motifs of small birds and flowers.
Available in 2 sizes, 140 and 160.
Please choose according to the size of your bed.

Accented with colorful tassels.
There is a loop on the back for hanging on the wall.
Let alone the decoration of the wall except the bedroom
It can also be used as a rug.

All PO!PARIS items are handmade by women.
With the power of designers who make Paris their hometown
We work to promote the emancipation of women in developing countries.

Designed by French female artist Nathalie Letté.
He has worked on many works such as Astier de Villatte's fleur series, and his colorful and rustic view of the world is loved by many people.

In Albania, weaving is a very old tradition.
It is still woven on the same vertical loom as it was then.
We use techniques such as plain weave, knot weave, and embroidery.
According to the design, it is made in 3 workshops with unique know-how.

The warp is made of cotton and the weft is made from local Ruud sheep wool.
Threads and dyes are also produced in the workshop
It is possible to reproduce the delicate coloring required by designers.

In addition to promoting social projects in developing countries,
Incorporating local know-how, car bodies, coffee bags, tree bark, etc.
using recycled or renewable materials
We create high quality, cute and sustainable products.

Why don't you start an ethical life together?

Body W140cm×H65cm
85% wool, 15% cotton
Nathalie Lete
country of origin
About maintenance
professional cleaning
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*Because it is made of natural materials and handmade, there may be individual differences in the weave, shape, size, etc.
* Please enjoy the unique texture of handmade products, such as uneven dyeing and weaving scratches that occur during the production process.
* Due to the traditional manufacturing method, plant pieces may be mixed in.
We remove as much as possible during inspection, but some may remain. Thank you for your understanding.
If you are concerned about it, please gently remove it before use.

*Returns are not possible We only deliver non-defective products. Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details.