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PO!PARIS bed head tapestry 140 Natalie Lethe bird

¥132,000 JPY
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PO!PARIS kilim cushions with eye-catching cube geometric patterns.
While the large size of 68 x 63 x 12 cm is interesting and practical,
It is an item that colors the space wonderfully just by placing it like an interior object.

PO!PARIS uses the power of design to promote social projects in developing countries.
Astier de Villatte, which is also handled by Brand Julier
It is a brand from Paris by a designer who belonged to the design team.

The combination of the rough texture of natural materials and modern patterns is fresh.
You can create a humorous space that incorporates art into your daily life with a geometric pattern that looks like a deceiving picture.
85% wool and 15% cotton, tightly packed cushion with a beautiful finish.

It is handmade.
Wool is an excellent material that is resistant to dirt and has a humidity control effect.
You can use it warmly in the winter and comfortably in the summer.
The feather cushion inside is a down maker of a famous brand,
It is made with just the right amount of hardness and elasticity like the seat surface of a sofa.
It will be washable so you can easily wash it in the washing machine.

*Please note that the cover will be professionally cleaned.

The combination of Bordeaux, beige and natural gray is
While suppressing the strength of the pattern with an exquisite color scheme such as bright gray tones,
It's a crisp red and makes the spice work.

Just put it on and it will create a relaxing mood in your room.
Place it on the floor of your living room or bedroom to feel like a bench cushion.

It goes well with the orthodox French classic coordinated in gray,
The creation of modern French interior space comes true.
It also goes well with furniture with beautiful wooden textures, and naturally matches antique flooring.
How about an interior that incorporates the sophistication of Paris?

85% wool, 15% cotton
professional cleaning
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