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Astier de Villatte Gargantua Vase PM

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Gargantua that appears in the novel
The flower vase of the series bearing the name of the giant king,
The classic warmth is impressive, as if you jumped into a medieval story.
In addition to the highly original design,
It is a beautiful pottery that is hard and finely baked.

As it is made with a traditional French manufacturing method,
The degree of distortion of the design and the degree of glaze,
There is a handmade warmth and special feeling that can only be felt in each product,
It is a highly artistic form.

All products continue to protect the method of traditional crafts
It is handmade by craftsmen.
The product you received is
It is the only special item in the world.
There is a back stamp of Astier de Villatte firmly on the bottom.

The size is W18cm x D18cm x H32cm, which is a solid size.
The shape that narrows toward the mouth is
There is a sense of security that even if you arrange a lot of flowers, they will support you properly.

The tall and well-shaped base
Arrangements with plenty of large branches and leaves and bouquets are also possible.
For both antique furniture and sharp, modern interiors
The simple presence that is easy to match is attractive.

A flower vase that gives a special impression just by being in the room.
It will be fun to think about what kind of flowers to decorate.
Astier de Villatte
W18cm D18cm H32cm
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