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[40% OFF] Fiorira un Giardino Candle flakes glass jar H15cm

¥1,840 JPY
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Candles from Fiorira un Giardino from Italy.
A rare flaky candle
It's so magical like snow.

simple glass jar
After using it, it can be used as an accessory case.
It comes with a packing so it can be used for various purposes.

Like trapped powder snow
Please enjoy the romantic performance♪
Hospitality seats and special occasions
Perfect for table coordination.

We also have a slightly larger size.
It's cute even if you line up different sizes ◎
Fiorira un Giardino
paraffin glass
*Keep an eye on the candle when it is lit.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
*When using two or more candles, please leave a space of at least 10 cm between them.
Also, keep away from other combustible materials.
*Avoid using in environments with strong winds.
Extinguish the candle if smoke or flame flickers.
* By removing the outermost layer of lacquer from the recess around the core
It will be easier to ignite when you use it again.
*Always give the wick a little trim before relighting.
This keeps it less soot and beautiful.
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