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Fiorira un Giardino Basket Abaca Gold Φ18cm

¥1,500 JPY
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A cute mini basket with a rounded shape.
It adds a warm and natural taste.

Made firmly and firmly
It is light and very easy to handle.

Abaca is the strongest of all natural fibers.
It is said to be a valuable fiber with excellent water resistance.
It is also called Manila hemp, but it is a different plant from hemp.
It is said that it has been used since ancient times to increase the strength of Japanese banknotes.

Just the right size for candy and baked goods.
Also for organizing small items in the kitchen or around the desk.

We also have a slightly larger size.
It is cute even if it is arranged in different sizes ◎

the color of gold
It adds a gorgeous atmosphere.

Matching with the under plate of the same series ♪

Perfect for entertaining guests and special occasions.
It exudes lightness and classy elegance.
Fiorira un Giardino
Abaca (Manila hemp)
damp sponge or
Clean with a dry cloth.
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*Because it is handmade, there may be individual differences in size, shape, color, etc.
※Because it is molded with glue
It cannot be distorted or bent.

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