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Cushion Cover Faustino 45x45cm

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used for reupholstering chairs
In order to make the most of José Leite de Castro's fine fabrics,
A cushion with a simple design.

Sofas and chairs that get tired of arranging cushions
Transform into your favorite place again.

As I give water-repellent finishing it
You can use it with confidence even if you have small children.
It is resistant to dirt and stains and is easy to clean.

The color is 0614671 Dual Velvet.
It is light blue with an aqua green feel, and has a calm smoky color.

The fabric is velor with a beautiful supple sheen.
You can enjoy the change of color depending on the condition of the light and the angle.
The brushed fabric has a clean finish and a sharp impression.
Very smooth and pleasant to the touch.

French Houles trim is used for edging.
With a fluffy velor-like edging
You can enjoy a three-dimensional finish that is different from others.

Separately sold cushions
The finest soft feathers from famous brand down manufacturers.
There is plenty of thickness,
It is a fluffy and comfortable cushion.
It will be washable so you can easily wash it in the washing machine.

Even in combination with fluffy sheepskin.
By combining different materials as an accent, a three-dimensional effect is created,
It will lead you to sophisticated coordination.

Since it is a design development that you can coordinate in total,
If you use it with other cushions as a set, it will make your space even more wonderful.
Blanc de Juillet
[Dual Blue T0614671] Water repellent
80% cotton, 10% rayon, 10% polyester
[Houles 31300-9650] Viscose 100%
Professional dry clean only
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