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Remote control for ENKINDDLE LED candles

¥550 JPY

ENKINDDLE's safe LED candles that do not use flames.
You can use it with confidence even if you are unsure about where to store it or how to manage it.

The ENKINDDLE series
Internationally patented 3D LED
You can enjoy realistic flame fluctuations from any angle.

Uses LEDs (color temperature 1700-2000K) that are close to real lights.
repulsion of the magnetic force by the electromagnet,
The fluctuation of the flame is reproduced more realistically by the strength and weakness of the light.

The body has the same wax finish as a real candle.
The surface is processed with uneven rustic.
Reality is pursued not only in flames but also in every corner.

The color is cool black.
Tighten up your coordination
It will lead you to an adult space at once.

For decorating bedsides, bookcases, guest rooms, etc.
Because you can easily create a moody space
As a terrace or store display.

Approximately 500 hours of lighting with 2 AA batteries, very energy-saving.
You can enjoy it anywhere you like without an outlet.

Equipped with a timer function (turns off after lighting for about 4 hours. Turns on again after about 20 hours).
It will be lit for about 4 hours at the same time out of 24 hours.
Even if you set it before you go out and turn it on when you get home ◎

With remote control (sold separately),
Even if you have multiple units, you can operate them all at once.

Φ7.6cm×H18.5cm Weight 354g
Body wax finish, LED light, ABS resin
timer function
Lights up for about 4 hours, then turns off, and turns on again after about 20 hours.
2 x AA batteries (about 500 hours of lighting)
Warranty period
3 months from date of purchase
Selling agency
Optional remote control compatible (remote within 4.5m)
*Not waterproof.
Usually ships in 1-3 business days
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*Since the automatic lighting timer is an analog timer, individual differences may occur depending on the product, and the automatic lighting time may vary.

*Returns are not possible We only deliver non-defective products.
Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details.