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Doily Faustino Beads Fringe Lira L

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I used the good-quality cloth of Jose Leite de Castro (Jose Leite)
Brand Juliet original doily.
A cute rug accented with large glass beads.

We have S/M/L sizes available.
L size
It's cute even if you combine multiple photo frames and put them on top.

The color is T1104092 Faustino.
Multiple pale tone colors in black and gray
Color scheme with exquisite nuances.
The cube pattern has a regular geometric pattern and has a great impact.
Geometric patterns with a modern mood
Create a stylish and modern space.

the fabric is
It is a very durable and high quality material used for chair upholstery.
It has a three-dimensional weave depending on the color of the pattern,
The appearance of gloss is not constant, and it looks different when you change the viewing angle.
In addition, there are differences in the length of the bristles, so you can enjoy the feel of it.

Surface with a protective spray that repels water and oil
Because it is coated, it is resistant to dirt and water.
The lining is 100% linen with a gentle color and feel.

The edging blade is HOULES bead fringe.
Transparent nut-like beads bring a feeling of cleanliness and coolness.
decorations like leaves
It is a precision item made by weaving fine threads.
Multicolored glass beads look mature
It's like a work of art.

Just place it and it will create a higher-grade space.

Pack it in a gift box (sold separately) for a wonderful present.
Perfect as a return gift or as a gift.
[Owner's eye] More cute with a doily♪
[Owner's eye] A new original doily is now available.
Blanc de Juillet
L size Overall W41cm×D34cm
Inner circle W32cm×D26cm

Blade width 4.5cm
Table Viscose 64% Polyester 23% Cotton 13%
Lining 100% linen
Blade 20% viscose, 80% glass
Professional dry clean only
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