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[30% OFF] IB Laursen Interior Green・l

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Fake green that can not be missing in the interior now.
Danish IB Laursen's green is
Different from what is common in Japan
The natural finish with exquisite coloring is attractive.

Pretty flowers like verbena are eye-catching.
Even the flower core and leaves are made, so it will naturally blend in with your room.

It can be used regardless of the season, and is useful during the dry summer season.
Another great point is that it does not require maintenance.

Decorate with a bunch to make it even more gorgeous.
Of course, it can be bundled together with other IB Laursen flowers,
It's nice to decorate one roughly.
It is also recommended to hang it on the wall like dried flowers.

Not just fake green
You can enjoy it even if you combine it with real greens and flowers.

Soft and gentle colors
It creates an elegant and "cozy" cozy world.

Even if you just add one to your room,
At once, you will be able to create a coordinate that looks like this year.
French style of course
It matches any style of room, so feel free to challenge yourself.

IB Laursen
W about 10 cm x L about 60 cm
Flower about 4cm
about 30g
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*There may be some problems such as peeling of some parts. Therefore, it will be sold at a sale price. There is no problem in use, but please purchase after acknowledging it.

*In order to make this product look more natural, there may be individual differences in color and size.
*Returns are not possible We only deliver non-defective products.
Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details.