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[50% OFF] ELUSIO Base Medicis

$803.00 USD

at the Louvre School of Art in Paris
Renaud, who studied art history, and as a restorer of old works of art
The brand Elusio was founded by two Annicks who have been honing their skills.

Handmade one by one using traditional French techniques and designs
The works of art are full of French aesthetics and sense of color.

Nice as an object
It is recommended to put soil and actually grow plants.

using techniques used in the restoration of traditional upholstery
Each piece is handcrafted with the warmth of the creator.
It is finished in a tasteful design that makes you feel the history.

Parts where the paint has been peeled off, scratches such as rubbing, color unevenness,
It is due to antique processing.

Because it is an iron casting, it has a solid weight,
It also supports a large volume of flowers.

Every corner is meticulously carved by hand.
In a favorite place such as a garden or an entrance.

It blends seamlessly into the space of a full-fledged French classic,
A vase with a strong presence that will give your outfit a grand finish.

By placing them in pairs, it becomes symmetrical.
It will make your space even more beautiful.
See images for detailed sizes.
Upper part about Φ27.5cm H37cm
Lower part about W31cm D31cm H60cm
cast iron, wood
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