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John Derian Oblongtray Letters

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"John Derian" launched by a designer who is also a collector of antique paper.
Inspired by my own collection
Vintage art books, plants, insects, messages, etc.
Delicate works that were projected.

Paper and fabric cutouts in a studio in New York
By a technique called decoupage, which is created by pasting on glass etc.,
Each piece is carefully handmade.

6 x 12" Oblong Tray. 13.3 cm x 30.5 cm oval plate.
The two birds drawn with flowing brushstrokes are impressive.
Represented by red and black lines.

It's also perfect for trays that hold letters and postcards.

John Derian's decoupage plate
If you use it as a decorative plate, your room will instantly become an art space.
As an accessory tray, small item holder, etc.
It is an item playing an active part in various scenes.
Please enjoy it with a free idea.

*Oblong Tray does not come with wall mounting brackets and hooks.
The back is signed by a craftsman one by one.

*Cannot be used for food.
Paper is used for the material, so it cannot be used with water.
John Derian
W30.5cm H13.3cm
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