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Astier de Villatte Neapolitan Stone Ladle

¥16,770 JPY

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A stone-finished series with polished silver surfaces.
It has a beauty comparable to Plaited Silver.

If you look closely, the difference is that there is a pattern like a stone,
Rather than a uniform color, you can feel a slight difference in color and warmth.

Perfect and classic form and color combination
It can be matched with various tableware and tableware.
It is cool with material with a feeling of weight well,
If you have it in the series, it will be very active in any scene.

The cute details on the handle make it a simple design point.
The lines and angles create a beautiful form.

The Stone series is titanium processed and dishwasher safe.
It is very strong, hard, and scratch-resistant, so you can use it everyday.
Easy to clean thanks to its non-staining and slippery surface.
It seems that you can spend your daily meals elegantly.

The smoky hue creates a stylish hand-made astier with a gentle expression.

Astier de Villatte
Cake fork W2cm L15.8cm
Teaspoon W2.2cm L14.5cm
Demitasse spoon W2.3cm L11.8cm
Stainless steel titanium processing (dishwasher safe)
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