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Chair cushion, Lario pearl, Gris (with insert)

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Made with José Leite de Castro fabric
Brand Julie original chair cushion.

The fabric is velor with a beautiful supple sheen.
You can enjoy the change of color depending on the condition of the light and the angle.
used for chair upholstery
It is a very durable and high quality material.

In addition, the velor on the front is water-repellent, so
You can use it with confidence even if you have small children.

Finished with a ribbon that can be tied after the chair
The back view is also very nice ♪
For chairs with no tie
It's nice to tie it with just a ribbon and use it like a cushion.
You can use it in your car without choosing a chair.

Like Ethnicraft's dining chair Oak Bok
Combination with chair without cushion ◎
Not only as a cushion,
It is also useful for preventing stains on the seat.

The cushion inside can be removed.
the contents of the cushion
Made by a famous brand down maker
It is the finest soft feather.
It will be washable so you can easily wash it in the washing machine.

Feathers make it look soft
When you sit down, the thickness becomes 2 to 3 cm,
It will be comfortable to sit on.
The height of the chair is raised and the table and
There's no such thing as being out of balance.
In common urethane contents
Since it will soon become unusable
It will be devised and developed by Brand Julier.
You can also use it when you replace it with a new one.

I have you coordinate with tablecloths
If you can change the cover according to the season
The dining space will be brighter.
Blanc de Juillet
Flat: W48cm D42cm
With contents: W46cm D40cm H10cm
Ribbon: L45cm
TECIDO LARIO T0515582 [water repellent finish]
cotton 100%
Lining Linen 100%
[HOULES NEWPORT Guri] 32118-9610
80% flax, 20% acrylic
Professional dry clean only
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