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[30% OFF] Ethnicraft Mirror Oak Qualitme

$495.00 USD

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Drawer made of solid teak.
Coolness with a sense of omission
This is because we use natural materials.
Even black doesn't get too strong, and it blends into your room.

By designer Alain van Havre,
A well-balanced and simple design that has been thoroughly calculated.
in the drawer
The carving is hand-carved by craftsmen.

Ethnicraft buys HERMES workshop
You can enjoy the skill of skilled craftsmen as an interior at home.

Of course you can put it under your desk and use it
You can use it wonderfully even by itself.

It has rollers so you can easily move it.
As storage around the sofa
Even if you put remote controls and magazines that tend to be scattered ◎

High quality solid teak
It is highly durable, and the more you use it, the better it will become.
With a heavy appearance with a profound feeling
Enjoy the depth and warmth that increases the more you use it.

You can make use of the texture of the wood grain
Colored with stain for a natural finish.

Because we use natural materials
Let alone French chic,
I match various styles including North Europe, the classical music.

Ethnic craft
Maximum outer dimensions W50cm×D56cm×H65cm
Teak (solid wood)
Stain processing
Stain is a paint that brings out the wood grain while coloring the wood. It is a construction method that penetrates the ingredients into the wood and gives it a color.

Use a dry cloth for normal cleaning.
If dirty, use a damp cloth and natural soap. Then wipe with a dry cloth. Do not use abrasives. [More...]

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Yamato Home Convenience
delivery method
We would like 2-3 people including the driver. We will unpack, transport, and install at your desired location.
cash on delivery impossibility
* There are individual differences in the appearance of the wood grain. Thank you for your understanding.
* Since solid wood is used, the wood may expand or contract depending on the season. Although we have applied a finish to prevent expansion and contraction, we do not guarantee that expansion and contraction will not occur. Thank you for your understanding.
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