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Astier de Villatte swan chopstick rest

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Empire-style animal motifs
Incense burner with an elegant and classical impression.

There are two swans with bent necks on both sides of the main body.
The swan motif has meanings such as love, grace, purity, beauty, and sincerity.
It is also another symbol of the Virgin Mary, representing purity and beauty.
It seems that the room will become a formal atmosphere just by decorating it.

The beautiful feathers and elegant appearance of the swan are delicately expressed.
It has legs and is a sophisticated and elegant gem.

The size is W32cm×D18.5cm×H18.5cm
The incense case is large and has an oval shape.
As an interior art piece
It becomes the decoration with the strong presence.

There are 11 small holes in the lid.
In addition to standing several sticks of incense in the hole,
You can enjoy 2 patterns to use by removing the lid and putting incense inside.

As it is made with a traditional French manufacturing method,
The degree of distortion of the design and the degree of glaze,
There is a handmade warmth and special feeling that can only be felt in each product,
It is a highly artistic form.

Comes with glass bead incense burner ash.
Please put it inside when you make incense sticks.
If you put it in stockings and wash it, you can use it repeatedly.

Of course you can use it as an incense case,
It's also nice to arrange several small incense holders and decorate them like an object.
You can also place it gently on a table to accent the display.
It's nice to remove the lid and decorate the green as a vase.

Incense has the effect of working on people's emotions and memories,
It is being scientifically proven that various effects appear on the body.
Since various effects can be expected depending on the scent,
If you enjoy using it every day, you will be able to spend it better.

Create a special interior with your favorite scent.
Astier de Villatte
W18.5cm D18.5cm H32cm
Glass beads (incense burner ash)
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