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Wallpaper of popular brand 'Beatrice LAVAL' in Paris.
Beautiful colors and sophisticated designs are eye-catching.

One set (12 pieces) can be applied to about 4.2u.

We use carefully handcrafted paper.
Because it is handmade, there may be uneven patterns and edges.
It has a tasteful finish that is not found in other wallpapers.

By using batik technique
It enables bright colors and a transparent finish.
Batik is one of the traditional dyeing techniques.
Apply melted wax to keep the area from staining.
In Japan, it is called batik dyeing and is also used for dyeing kimonos.

One piece is not too big
It is perfect for pasting in small or complicated places.
You can also put it on the wall of the head of the bed and use it as a headboard.

Since it has a sense of transparency, it can be used not only on walls but also on walls.
Lampshades, shoji screens, etc.
You can enjoy it in various ways depending on your ideas.

If you have leftovers, cut them to your desired size.
You can also use it as a luncheon mat or coaster.
Recommended for wrapping and book covers.

For French classic and Scandinavian style
By adding ethnic elements, natural warmth is added.
Reborn as a sophisticated room.

The smooth side is the front and the uneven side is the back.
Please use it with your favorite side such as the expression of the pattern and edge facing out.

When pasting, please prepare glue suitable for the wall.
Unlike the roll, it is also attractive that you do not need to take an unreasonable posture.
Feel free to stick with double-sided tape ◎
If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Beatrice LAVAL
Size (1 sheet)
About 50 cm x about 70 cm
12 sheets (approx. 4.2u)
handmade paper
How to paste
Usually ships in 1-3 business days
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*Colors will fade depending on the water content of the glue. If you wish to restore the original state, please use liner paper.
*Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in color, pattern, size, etc. for each sheet. In addition, there may be stains, wrinkles, etc., mixed with fibers, bark, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

*Returns are not possible We only deliver non-defective products.
Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details.