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José Leite de Castro Dining Armchair Levin Faustino

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High-end interior from Portugal, a modern sofa for 3 people.

Based on the theme of dreams and longing for the space age
Reminiscent of the fashion of Cosmo Call Look,
A three-seat sofa with a beautiful curved shape.

The fabric is water-repellent, so
You can use it with confidence even if you have small children.
It is resistant to dirt and stains and is easy to clean.

Since this is a semi-order product,
You can order with this combination of fabrics .

Moderately rounded backrest
Supports the body with a moderate hold feeling
The finish is comfortable to sit on.

Firmly cushioned seat
You can sit deeply at 65 cm.
Because it is thick
It sinks in so that the fluffy body is gently wrapped.

In addition, the cushion part can be removed from the cover.
It is very convenient when it gets dirty.

The fabric is velor with a beautiful supple sheen.
You can enjoy the change of color depending on the condition of the light and the angle.
The brushed fabric has a clean finish and a sharp impression.
The very smooth feel is comfortable,
The fabric is finely woven for excellent durability.

The color is light blue, as if the fresh and refreshing light blue was slightly dulled.
It is a soft, calming and elegant color.
Also, the combination of light blue and white piping is refreshing and goes great with it.

It is perfect as an accent color for interior coordination,
You can naturally incorporate techniques that are often used by advanced players.

The legs are bright gold.
It has an elegant atmosphere with a slightly matte finish.

The slender legs make the back look neat and beautiful.

A combination of a unique form body and gold legs.
With a high sense and a polite finish with a sense of luxury
It is a completed design.

Of course, in a modern room,
It can also be used as an accent for a simple space.
If you use it as a point for the interior of the French classic
It becomes an effective accent and leads the space to a fresh impression.
It is an item that can create a wonderful space just by placing it.
A special interior that incorporates futurism
Color your daily life beautifully and tastefully.
Please enjoy creating a high-quality and stylish room.

A cushion with a geometric pattern (sold separately)
If you use it as a set, it will be more unified and nice.
Black of the same series,
A single sofa is also available.

[Owner's Eye] José Leite de Castro from Portugal
Jose Leite de Castro
***Water Repellent***

Maximum outer dimensions W205cm D85cm H84cm
Leg length from floor H20cm
Seat height from floor H48cm
Backrest height H43cm
Seat depth D65cm
Velor (80% cotton, 10% rayon, 10% polyester)
Water repellent finish (antifouling)
1 week or more depending on stock status
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*Okinawa, remote islands, and Hokkaido will be charged separately.
delivery company
Yamato Home Convenience
delivery method
We would like 2-3 people including the driver.
We will unpack, transport, and install at your desired location.
No cash on delivery
*Since this chair is made of velor fabric, it may have a mold in the packaging during delivery.
*It can be repaired by applying the steam of the iron for 20 to 30 seconds along the texture. Please note that if you apply the iron plate directly, the hair will lie down and shine.
* For stubborn wrinkles, use a pressing cloth and apply the steam iron directly along the grain. Even if it doesn't come off completely, it will come off little by little as you use it.
*This service only accepts bank transfer or credit card payment.
*Returns are not possible We only deliver non-defective products. Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details.