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[50% OFF] Mis en Demeure Lantern Luxembourg

¥63,395 JPY

A bracket with a beautifully curved and sophisticated design.
It is a brown color that is perfect for a mature and cute French space.

Attach it to the hallway, washroom, bedroom, etc.
It is the item which becomes the finish of the French style.
Some designs have a beaded finish.

Mis en demeure
W27cm D11cm H28cm
Mounting hook position
0.5cm from the top 26.5cm from the bottom
Electric cord 22.5cm from hook hole
Electric cord position 23cm from the top
bulb diameter
E14 diameter
power consumption
40W (MAX) x 2 lights
*Bulb sold separately.

*There are fine scratches and distortions due to the antique finish. Thank you for your understanding.
*In order to create an antique-like texture, rust is added on purpose and the paint is peeled off.
*This is a handmade product in which all parts and engravings, such as chains and decorations, are custom-made. There are some distortions and unevenness.

About bracket installation
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*Non-returnable We only deliver non-defective products. Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details.