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Les Ottomans Fruit Stand Elephant Leaf

¥62,300 JPY

A placemat with a unique design.
The novel design like Les Ottomans is eye-catching.

Handmade by craftsmen and carefully made one by one.
Handmade feeling of beadwork
Add a special touch to your table.

Pineapple, the blessing of the earth and the sun,
It is also popular as a motif for praying for fortune and prosperity.

With gold beads of the hue such as the antique
It is expressed by using different beads with a sense of transparency.
The sparkle of the beads makes it a lovely addition to your dining table.

Because the fabric on the back has beads
It is difficult to get caught and is stable and comfortable to use.

Add to your usual table
Please enjoy the sophisticated MIX style.
By adding playfulness to any style
An adult table coordination with a sense of omission is completed.

You can enjoy it with a sense of art because it is designed to look good just by placing it. It's also nice to display small items on top.

placemat/table coordination/
Les Ottomans
Wipe frequently with a tightly wrung wet towel. Prevents discoloration and darkening.

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