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Les Ottomans Metal Tray Botanical Oval

$158.00 USD

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Uniquely designed metal tray.
The novel design like Les Ottomans is eye-catching.

Handmade by craftsmen and carefully made one by one.
A different expression unique to hand painting
It makes you feel the beauty of a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

A horse with an attractive dignified appearance
It has been considered a motif of happiness since ancient times.
Of course for the interior
It is also perfect as a gift for various occasions.

Accented with black border.

Great for serving and at home cafes.
Combine trays of different colors and shapes
It is wonderful even if I color a table and display an accessory on the top.

Add to your usual table
Please enjoy the sophisticated MIX style.

Because it is a design that looks different just by placing it
You can enjoy it as a piece of art by leaning it against the wall.

Les Ottomans
W43cm D30cm H4.5cm
about 1.1kg
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