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Les Ottomans Glass Jug Ikat Green

$79.00 USD

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A parrot object with a large impact like no other.
A parrot design with graceful wings
Just looking at them cutely will cheer you up.

Handmade by Italian artisans and carefully made one by one.
I change the carving and color scheme finely according to the wings.
A different expression unique to hand painting
It makes you feel the beauty of a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Ornate parrot
In feng shui, it is said to have the effect of bringing beauty and confidence.
when you talk to me
I feel like it will cheer me up cheerfully.

The main object is
Just place it and it will brighten up your space.

It's also nice to decorate with candle holders from the same brand.
A room that is irresistible for bird lovers is completed.

Les Ottomans
Maximum outer dimensions W11cm D11.5cm H24cm
@lesottomans the hand making #LES_OTTOMANS #parrot #handmade #madeinitaly ♬ Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran
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