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Les Ottomans Goblet Ikat Rouge

¥7,500 JPY

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A cool goblet with a cute Ikat pattern.
The combination of traditional patterns and glass materials is innovative.
It is a gem full of originality like Les Ottomans.

Perfect size for everyday use.
Besides drinks
It's nice to put flowers in and use it instead of a vase.

Handmade by craftsmen and carefully made one by one.
each different facial expression
It makes you feel the beauty of a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Ikat pattern is an Indonesian ethnic motif.
Ikat is derived from the Malay word and refers to the kasuri fabric and its characteristic patterns.
There are traditional patterns and geometric patterns to ward off evil spirits and wish for prosperity.
It depicts the culture, beliefs, and lives of the villages.

with gold accents
The fashionable colors give it a sophisticated look.

This goblet
Available in 3 colors: light blue, rouge, and black.
We also have wine glasses with the same design.

Add to your usual table
Please enjoy the sophisticated MIX style.
It's also nice to combine different patterns to decorate the table.

Les Ottomans
Φ8.5cm H9cm
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