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Les Ottomans Ikat Glass Plate - Blue

¥7,200 JPY

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It is a filament type LED bulb that is also used at the brand Julier store.
You can use it safely for table lamps and floor lamps.

With colors like an incandescent bulb and light that spreads in all directions
It is easy to use even for those who have resistance to LED bulbs.

It is a light bulb color that is warm and orange-ish.
It is a light with a calm atmosphere that is close to your life.
It is perfect for places where you want to relax without eye fatigue.

40W and 60W have the same bulb size.
100W is slightly larger in size.
The base is E26 for both 40W, 60W, and 100W.
Any lamp compatible with E26 can be used.
Please choose according to your favorite brightness and light bulb size.

Blanc de Juillet
φ60×H106mm Base E26
Equivalent to 60W total luminous flux 810lm
color temperature
light bulb color 2700k
light distribution angle
290 degrees
power consumption
Working voltage
about 20000 hours
With PSE mark
Tokyo Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
*Compatible with sealed fixtures
* Not compatible with insulation construction tools
*Not dimmable
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