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Beatrice LAVAL Silk Velor Cushion Round Delft Blue/Pink Beige 2068

¥16,900 JPY
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Cushions from Parisian interior fabric brand 'Beatrice LAVAL'.
The beautiful colors and sophisticated design unique to a specialty store are eye-catching.

A round shape with a cute round shape.
To add to your sofa or bed
The perfect cute size is also attractive.

The color is Surise.
It is a color full of adult cuteness like a cherry.
You can enjoy the change of color depending on the condition of the light and the angle.
It goes well with modern interiors as well as French furniture.

The central walnut button is beige.
Colors and color combinations that are usually difficult
It enables delicate shades unique to Beatrice.

The fabric is fluffy silk velor.
A luxurious gem with a smooth luster and softness.

The simple design makes it easy to match with any style.
It adds a classy and glamorous atmosphere.

Mix in a square cushion
Enjoy an interesting balance.

Perfect for finishing your living room or bedroom.
Even if you attach it to a single sofa or chair ♪

Beatrice LAVAL
silk viscose
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