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Beija Flor Kitchen Mat Rock Star Silver 60x180

$188.00 USD

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A vinyl mat that considers safety and the global environment.
A design that fuses antique and modern unique to BeijaFlor
You can produce a humorous space that incorporates art into everyday life.

Geometric design with octagons.
Makes you feel like you're in the Louvre Museum
A well-worn antique stone floor has been beautifully reproduced.

As it is waterproof, care is easy◎
can be wiped clean
Recommended for homes with children and pets.

Originally developed premium vinyl
It fits well, so it is hard to slip, and it is attractive because it is high quality and does not deteriorate easily.
Moderately thick and heat resistant
Compatible with floor heating and hot carpet.
Europe's toughest
It complies with safety standards, so you can use it with confidence.

As a mat in the kitchen, hallway, and washroom◎
It is also recommended to lay two sheets side by side according to the width.

Because it is durable enough to handle shoes
It can also be used for interior decoration of shops such as cafes and salons.

Of course classic rooms
The stylish pattern makes it suitable for modern spaces.
Just add one piece for sophisticated coordination.

Matt brand BeijaFlor from Israel
Using environmentally friendly and safe materials and processes
We create high quality, cute and sustainable products.
We are also working on reuse and recycling activities.
We also support annual tree planting and recovery after wildfires.

Why don't you start living an ethical life together?

Beija Flor
L80cm×W195cm Thickness 0.22cm
vinyl chloride
(Phthalate-free, recyclable, eco-friendly)
A shaded patio or balcony is available.
Compatible with floor heating (Max30℃) and hot carpet (Max45℃)
Wash with soap (floor cleaner) and water and dry.
Do not use acid, bleach, chlorine, dish detergent, degreaser or alcohol.
to flatten?
Lay flat in the sun for 30 minutes.
Or use a hair dryer on low heat to warm it up a bit.
Makes the mat a little softer.
When the temperature drops, it flattens out completely.
How to cut
After slightly warming with a low-temperature dryer,
Please cut with scissors or a cutter.
*Do not drag heavy objects on the mat.
*Do not fold the mat.
Store flat or rolled up.
* Color may fade due to direct sunlight.
*Please note that it may be slippery in a wet environment.
Due to the busy season, it will be shipped in about a week.

*Due to the busy season, it may take longer than usual. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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*Returns are not possible We only deliver non-defective products.
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