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Deluxe Homeart LED Candle・Caramel・Φ10H15cm

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France Casal's "PATRIMOINE" Patrimoine.
It is a pattern book that means "heritage".
Including "Toile de Jouy"
There are many prints with a retro atmosphere.

This page is a collection of colored Toile de Jouy.
You can see the fabrics of PATRIMOINE 1 to 4 in the actual rental.

Descendant of the famous printmaker for the "Toile de Jouy"
At Casal, run by the PREVOT-SCHURER family,
You can still enjoy the many works left by our predecessors.

You can enjoy total coordination from curtains to chairs.
Combining casual trims with classic fabrics
A fresh and stylish space is completed.

We also make cushions and small items from leftover fabric.
Please contact us separately.

Beige, Gray, Rouge, Bistruadushi (30341)
Blue, Beige, Gray, Rose, Bistle (30340)

This design
For the Oberkampf Factory, the birthplace of Toile de Jouy,
Created in 1819.
However, although it was designed
It was never printed and was kept by the Oberkampf family.
Nearly 200 years after its design, it finally sees the light of day!

The main theme of "Winter Fun" is
At that time, the "ice slide" that came from Russia and was popular in Paris.
Oberkampf Manufacturing is now LEPRINCE
When I asked for a design with the theme of "now (modern)",
Is this design complete?

[Owner's Eye] Would you like to reupholster your chairs and sofas?
[Owner's eye] Paris style made with ToiletdeJouy♪
fabric width
fabric price
17,200 yen/m (tax included)
cotton 100%
Curtain/chair upholstery
Usually ships in 1-3 business days
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The amount after deducting the round-trip shipping fee and transfer fee
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it will be rare.
Please handle with care
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If damaged or dirty
We may not be able to refund the deposit (¥15,000 (tax included)).
Thank you for your understanding.

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