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Shade Linen Leaf Black 30cm

¥16,500 JPY
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Brand Juliet original lampshade
New stylish design.

Can be used with table stand or floor stand.
French, Scandinavian, modern, etc.
It is a form that is easy to match with various styles.

Uses the fabric of the long-established French brand mfta.
cool leaf pattern
Two colors of black and gray are used to create a three-dimensional effect.
The linen material gives it a moderately natural impression.
You can enjoy adult botanicals with calm colors.

perfect for table stand
It is not too big and is easy to use.

When lit, the soft light gives a different impression.

Cabinets, consoles, night tables, etc.
Please put it in your favorite place and use it.

Blanc de Juillet
mfta FEUILLAGE 4550-13
100% linen
* It can be attached to the E26 light bulb stand.
The inner diameter of the base is 4 cm.

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