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OPJET PARIS Placemat Floral

¥1,260 JPY

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A luncheon mat filled with the playfulness of OPJET PARIS.
A delicate cut reminiscent of lace is attractive.

Design with a leaf motif.
The smooth material makes it easy to wipe off and is very convenient.
frosted gold
It adds a classy adult glamour.

Items that can be used casually
Not only is it great for everyday use, but it can also be used as a small treat.

Rattan, wood, pottery, etc.
By combining items with a matte texture
You can enjoy sophisticated Paris style.

Refreshing with just one piece
In autumn and winter, combine it with velor for a gorgeous party style♪

Place vases and favorite accessories
Can be used as a table centerpiece or doily.

We have 3 different designs available.
It's nice to have them all in the same design.
It is also recommended to mix and use several types.

at the usual dining table
Just add it and it will be bright and gorgeous.

placemat/table coordination/
Wipe with a tightly wrung wet towel.
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