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OPJET PARIS Mirror・Sangurier・Gold・H140cm

$260.00 USD

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A mirror of OPJET PARIS that can be used timelessly.
A design like a longed-for small window of Paris is attractive.
The adult black of the window frame gives a luxurious impression.

Because it is a completed design, even one is cute
Because of its small size
It's nice to arrange various mirrors like decorating art.

There is a hole for installation on the back side.
Prepare screws and anchors suitable for the material of the mounting side,
Please use it by fixing it to the wall.

On cabinets, buffets, etc.
By using it in a high place, the room will be finished three-dimensionally.
Balance with lamps and flowers to complete a sophisticated space.

Private rooms, corridors, stair landings, etc.
In various places, he/she adds area and brightness.
Please enjoy a wonderful wall surface by adjusting what is reflected.

Easy to match with your existing furniture such as classic and Scandinavian
By mixing, you can create a more sophisticated room.

Ethnic items are also easier to incorporate
Like overseas interior magazines
You can enjoy the coordination of seniors.

mirror/mirror/wall/wall art/window type


*Please prepare screws and anchors.
Please use the anchor that matches the wall. (concrete, board, etc.)
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