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Beatrice LAVAL Linen Bedspread & Curtain Check Gray/Yellow Line 150x200

¥39,800 JPY

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A bed cover from the Parisian brand 'Beatrice LAVAL'.
It has a mature plaid pattern with a mature feel.
The beautiful colors unique to a specialty store are eye-catching.

You can use it from double to king size.
It's just the right thickness, so it's perfect for blankets.
Perfect for chilly summer nights or cozy winter nights.

Can be used as a multi-cover on a sofa, etc.
Can also be used as a curtain by hanging it on a curtain pole or rail.
If you can use the attached clip, you can enjoy it like the image.

Luxurious 2-piece tailoring with fine checks and large checks.
Finely sewn by hand.
Please use it reversibly according to your mood ♪

We use high-quality linen that is soft to the touch.
By applying waffle-shaped embossing
For a natural and sophisticated look.

Proof of the world's top-level safe textile products,
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified.
In addition, we use linen that has not been irrigated or genetically modified.
We focus on quality and consideration for the environment even though we produce in small quantities.

Accented with pale pink lines and fringes.
The perfect color combination adds a touch of glamor.

We also have cushions in the same color.
A very nice bedroom is completed when I have you prepare it.
Even if you combine it with different materials and colorful cushions ◎
It goes well with French as well as modern interiors.

Beatrice LAVAL
Develop procurement methods to maintain production and quality
Over the years, we have built sustainable relationships with our producers.

Beatrice LAVAL
W about 260cm x H about 260cm
100% linen
European flax certification
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification
Wash at 30 degrees whenever possible and use organic detergents.
13 clips
Usually ships in 1-3 business days
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* Due to the characteristics of linen, there are individual differences in size, but please enjoy the texture.
*Returns are not possible We only deliver non-defective products.
Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details.