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Walther Ornament Beads Acorn

¥4,100 JPY

An ornament suitable for adult Christmas decorations.
the sparkle of the beads
It creates a romantic atmosphere.

Handmade by craftsmen and carefully made one by one.
Handmade feeling of beadwork using wire
Adds a special touch to your Christmas decorations.

The point is the gold star and logo charm.

Suitable for decoration
The antique color is also attractive.

Tree with your favorite ornaments
When lit up, it gives off a nostalgic glow.

The Christmas mood will increase just by decorating it on the plate.
entrance, living room,
It has an elegant appearance that will look great wherever you display it.

Even if Christmas is over
You can use it for a long time by adding it to your room display.

Walther & Co.
Body W16cm×H18cm
string length 19cm
wire beads metal

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