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Shade verone linen blanc 25cm

¥12,100 JPY
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Brand Juliet original lampshade
New stylish design.

Can be used with table stand or floor stand.
French, Scandinavian, modern, etc.
It is a form that is easy to match with various styles.

The color is blanc. The classic white is easy to match with any style,
It has a sense of cleanliness and adds an elegant atmosphere that is one rank higher.
The linen material gives it a natural feel.

perfect for table stand
It is not too big and is easy to use.

When lit, the soft light gives a different impression.

Cabinets, consoles, night tables, etc.
Please put it in your favorite place and use it.

Blanc de Juillet
mfta Verone 6257-01
100% linen
* It can be attached to the E26 light bulb stand.
The inner diameter of the base is 4 cm.

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