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Cushion, linen verone, tomato, 30X40cm, with insert

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A lovely cushion with large flowers.
The calming color of Noah suppresses the sweetness.
It is good to the accent of the room
It is finished in a mature and cute cushion.

Nice reversible design.

The flower pattern with the impact of the table,
The gray color gives it an urban and stylish impression.
Also suitable for modern style rooms.

I use mfta Verone on the back.
The linen material adds just the right amount of casualness.
For the accent of coordination.
If you add it to a girly room or grayish room
It will be finished in a cute and mature space.

The cushion inside
The finest soft feathers from famous brand down manufacturers.
There is plenty of thickness,
It is a fluffy and comfortable cushion.
It will be washable so you can easily wash it in the washing machine.

Even if you combine it with different materials such as cotton and sheepskin.
It creates a three-dimensional effect and leads to sophisticated coordination.
Blanc de Juillet
Front [JLC Linen/Velour Flower Gray T1700469]
100% linen
Back [mfta verone 6257-12]
100% linen
Professional dry clean only
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