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BAOLGI Oval Basket Chocolat L

¥9,000 JPY

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BAOLGI is a French brand that focuses on high-quality rattan products.
In a standard form with a sense of security,
Quality that sets it apart from other rattan products
Used by restaurants and hotels around the world.

A cute ice bucket with densely woven rattan.
Carefully woven one by one by craftsmen.

Made from natural rattan
Not only is it strong enough, but it is also light and flexible.
A timeless simple design
It accentuates the beauty of the weave.

For those who want to enjoy alcohol at home in earnest.

Since it is a type with a lid, you can enjoy your drink slowly.
It also comes with cute special tongs.

The clean white color adds a touch of glamor to your table.
Easy-to-match white
Natural, modern, French, etc.
I am familiar with the table of the wide style.

As a refreshing accent for table coordination.
When you use it, it will change to a tasteful expression.
It is an item that can be used habitually for a long time as an excellent interior.

other than ice bucket
We also have wine coolers, pots, and cutlery boxes.
For a wonderful kitchen and dining room with this series.
Maximum outer size φ20cm×H25cm (including lid)
Inside dimensions φ15.5cm×H15cm
Tong W2cm×D4cm×H17.5cm
Rattan, plastic, metal
*The rattan part cannot be removed.
Usually ships in 1-3 business days
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*Because it is made of natural materials and handmade, there may be individual differences in the weave, shape, size, etc.
*Returns are not possible We only deliver non-defective products.
Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details.