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[30% OFF] tobs garden table black

¥11,400 JPY

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A perfect garden table for your conservatory or patio.
It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

The color is gray.
Gentle gray with naturalness,
It is a color that is easy to match with any color.

Since the metal fittings on the side are also solid,
You can use it with confidence.

The top plate is made of glass and has an elegant finish.
The glass is attached with suction cups and can be removed.

completely waterproof
Because it is a durable construction that can withstand rain and wind,
You can use it with confidence even if you leave it outside.

When the legs are closed, it becomes compact.
When a large number of people gather, such as BBQ and party
It is convenient because it can be taken out quickly.

It can be folded by removing the hooks on the legs.

Even if you use the optional chair as a set ◎
A relaxing space with a sense of unity is completed.

In addition, the chair is not only for two people
We also have a one-person type.

Put your favorite cushion on the chair.
With coffee or tea in one hand, reading, girls' gathering, etc.
You can spend an elegant time at home.

[Owner's eye] Update the garden ♪
W100cm×D50cm×H41cm when used
W100cm×D10cm×H84cm when folded
Faux rattan Polyethylene (PE for rattan) Metal Glass
* Since UV stabilizer is included, long-term use is possible.
Handling Precautions
*To extend the life of the furniture, please do not leave it in direct sunlight for a long time.
* When not in use, cover and store in a dry place.
*Do not leave the set unattended in very bad weather or during the winter.
This will extend the life of the steel frame and PE fay rattan material.
* Please wash gently. Using a sponge, wash with mild soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Allow the furniture to dry completely before storing it in a dry place.
*Do not use abrasives or cleaners.
*To prevent further corrosion. Fix paint chips with metal or car paint.
1 week or more depending on stock status
free shipping
*Okinawa, remote islands, and Hokkaido will be charged separately.
delivery company
Sagawa Express
delivery method
It will be delivered in front of the entrance in cardboard.
Please unpack by yourself.
cash on delivery impossibility
*This service only accepts bank transfer or credit card payment.
*Returns are not possible We only deliver non-defective products. Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about the details.
*If you apply for a garden chair and table together
You can specify the same time zone on the same day, but it will be delivered by separate delivery.
Since the table becomes a glass top plate
We cannot accept delivery by Yamato Transport. Thank you for your understanding.