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set of 2 ester&erik classic candles apple green lacquer

¥2,079 JPY

A classic candle from the Danish manufacturer ester&erik.
Simple and stylish design is loved by many people.

Sold as a set of 2.
A pair of candles looks more symmetrical than a single candle.

Beautiful coating and color are beautiful,
The wax evaporates without dripping.
There is no soot, and the size of the flame is stable.
A practical and eco-friendly candle.

This product is a large size H42.p,
We also have H32cm which is one size smaller.

Winter in Northern Europe is the season when the sun can only be seen for a short time.
You can enjoy warm light in various places such as living room, dining room, office, day and night.

Because it is Northern Europe with such a culture
I think that ecologically beautiful candles were born.

You can enjoy various combinations according to the interior.

Even if you combine it with candle stands of different heights, the rhythm will come out and it will be cute.

As color variations are abundant,
You can choose according to your mood and coordination.

ester & erik
set of 2
[Wax] 100% pure paraffin
[Core] 100% pure cotton
burning time
about 11 hours
*Keep an eye on the candle when it is lit.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
*When using two or more candles, please leave a space of at least 10 cm between them.
Also, keep away from other combustible materials.
*Avoid using in environments with strong winds.
Extinguish the candle if smoke or flame flickers.
*Because it is self-extinguishing, the flame will go out 2-3 cm from the bottom.
It is recommended not to leave lit candles unattended.
*Please use the candle extinguisher instead of blowing out the fire.
This avoids smoke, extinguishes the fire completely, and prevents it from smoldering.
Also, by removing the outermost layer of lacquer from the recess around the core,
It will be easier to ignite when you use it again.
*Always give the wick a little trim before relighting.
This keeps it less soot and beautiful.
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