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ester&erik rustic candle khaki lacquer

¥1,441 JPY

Block candle from Danish manufacturer Ester&Erick.

Light gray is a very pale gray that has a sense of transparency and adds nuances to milky white.
Because it is handmade, it is not uniform, and there is an expression of the material.

The wax evaporates without dripping.
No soot is produced, and the size of the flame is stable.
A practical and functional candle.

Winter in Northern Europe is the season when the sun can only be seen for a short time.
You can enjoy warm light in various places such as living room, dining room, office, day and night.
A practical and beautiful candle unique to Northern Europe with such a culture.

You can enjoy various combinations according to the interior.

ester & erik
About Φ9.5cm H19.5cm
burning time
about 162 hours
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