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Lavender Sachet, Silk Fleur

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A lavender sachet that will make a great return gift or petite gift.
This sachet
Originally it will be used as an insect repellent in the drawer of the closet.
Keep it in a tight space
Insect repellent effect of herb and soft scent
I feel very elegant when I move to underwear and so on.
It feels good to put it in the trunk when traveling.

Accented with off-white velor ribbon.

Lavender with a relaxing effect is softly scented.
When you feel that the scent has faded,
If you put it in the sun or dry roast it in a frying pan, the scent will revive.
It is an item that makes you feel happy just by placing it.

It is a nice reversible specification.
Just change the direction according to your mood,
You can enjoy a different atmosphere.

The table uses JLC's high-quality silk fabric.
A cute design with printed and embroidered patterns.
Soft to the touch, smooth and elegant with a gentle sheen.

Silk shantung with firm and thick tension is used on the back.
Because it is woven with raw silk vertically and dupion thread horizontally,
You can enjoy the beautiful weave that is unique to Shantung.

Blanc de Juillet
100% silk
Made in France
off white
*It will be the color of the first image
When you feel that the scent has faded,
Either put it in the sun or dry roast it in a frying pan.
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